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We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Phil 4:13 

• In 1991 there were 10 national Christian lawyer groups but only two that were engaged proactively promoting and protecting freedom, faith, family, reconciliation, human rights and the rule of law. Today Advocates International (AI) informally links 30,000 advocates and jurists in 156 nations through 100 national Christian lawyer groups linked by six regional networks.
•    At the 5th Global Convocation, AI launched 7 Global Task Forces to facilitate promoting an issue with each continent taking the lead on an issue: 1) Religious Freedom (Asia); 2) Peace & Reconciliation (Africa); 3) Family & Community (North America/Canada); 4) Sanctity of Human Life (North America/USA); 5) Rule of Law with Integrity (Europe); 6) Human Rights & Justice for the Poor (Latin America); and 7) Global Prayer (Australia).
•    Law professionals in an estimated 700 cities, towns and law schools gather together regularly.
•    24,000+ people have attended conferences or other gatherings since 1991 organized, funded or co-sponsored by AI, its regional networks or national affiliates, including:
•    5,800 delegates attended 45 regional and sub-regional conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Balkans, Middle East, and Caribbean.
•    1,200 delegates attended five Global Convocations in the USA since 1998, joined by 2,000 Christian Legal Society/USA members and friends.
•    3,900 justices, judges and magistrates have participated in 33 judicial conferences or seminars.
•    7,000 lawyers, judges, clergy, students, business leaders and government officials have participated in 100+ meetings other than the global, regional or judicial conferences.
•    3,500+ have received peace & reconciliation training at gatherings co-sponsored by AI.
•    23,000+ Russian prisoners have corresponded with advocates who responded with counsel.
•    3,000+ Russian prisoners received assistance appealing their improper sentences.
•    3,000+ years in Russian prison sentences have been reduced through these appeals.
•    In 1997, a three-lawyer Russian team of advocates obtained a moratorium on the death penalty.
•    AI’s networks are engaged in major freedom, faith, family and justice advocacy on all continents.
•    1,000+ orphans and adoptive families have been helped materially or legally.
•    3,500+ churches, missions or other ministries have been defended, received assistance in the registration process, or had their properties returned after the State’s illegal confiscation.
•    1,000+ missionaries have received visa and other assistance from advocates within the network.
•    15,000+ books focusing on justice, law, faith and profession have been given away. 1 million When Things Go Wrong counseling cards have been distributed globally in 24 languages.
•    8,000+ refugees have received help through advocates within the network.
•    AI’s networks have provided counsel to legislators in over 60 nations as to freedom, faith and family legislation or Constitutional revisions.
•    AI Board, Staff, Global Council and network leaders have travelled an estimated 10 million miles since 1991 to encourage, enable and equip advocates.
•    AI’s Staff, Board & Global Council members and affiliated colleagues have addressed the UN Human Rights Commission or Council on Human Rights on more than a dozen occasions.
•    Over 3 million hits on AI’s website since 2004.
•    Within a “lean and keen” budget, AI’s small staff implements the L-O-R-D strategy: L-local meetings, O-organized nationally, R-regional networks that D-disciple and mentor globally.


Encouraging and enabling Advocates to meet locally, organize nationally, cooperate regionally and link globally to promote justice, rule of law, religious freedom, reconciliation and integrity
Seven Core Functions

    Christ Centeredness Maintained
    Core Values Protected
    Communications Facilitated
    Conferences Encouraged and Enabled
    Calls to Action Considered, Coordinated and Communicated Globally
    Community Encouraged and Nurtured
    Costs Counted, Considered, Contributed, and Distributed

Statement Of Faith, Commitment And Practice

We acknowledge God’s revelation in the Lord Jesus Christ.
We confess Jesus as God and Savior according to the Old and New Testament Scriptures.
We believe the Scriptures as originally given by God are divinely inspired, trustworthy and entirely authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct.
We commit ourselves, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit, to bear witness to Jesus Christ through the legal profession by working for justice, peace, truth, mercy and integrity.
We commit ourselves to be advocates for the poor, vulnerable and oppressed.
We shall endeavor to encourage and enable lawyers to meet locally, organize nationally, cooperate regionally and link globally,
We shall seek to do all to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 A worldwide fellowship of advocates bearing witness of Jesus Christ through the legal profession.